Diethyl amino methyl triethoxy silane

Another name:N-Ethyl-N-((triethoxysilyl)methyl)ethanamine

CasNo: 15180-47-9 Purity: >95% Molecular Structure: C11H27NO3Si

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Diethyl amino methyl triethoxy silane Basic Product Information

Product Name Diethyl amino methyl triethoxy silane CAS 15180-47-9
Synonyms N-Ethyl-N-((triethoxysilyl)methyl)ethanamine Molecular Formula C11H27NO3Si
EINECS Number 518-047-9 Molecular Structure
Appearance Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Purity >95%
Supply Ability 80T / Per Month

Diethyl amino methyl triethoxy silane Quality documents

Diethyl amino methyl triethoxy silane Appearance/Package/Shipping/Storage


180kg/Drum ,  900Kg/Drum;

Storage condition

Store in cool & dry place,Keep away from strong light and heat;isolate the air

Diethyl amino methyl triethoxy silane Application

Construction adhesives and silicone sealants
 Insulation material in electronics industry
Coating and heat resisting coating

Diethyl amino methyl triethoxy silane literature



, (2022/03/02)

The subject of the present application is an agent for coloring keratinous material, in particular human hair, which contains in a cosmetic carrier (a) at least one special organic silicon compound, and (b) at least one coloring compound. The present disc

Preparation method of alpha-amino triethoxysilane


Paragraph 0056; 0057; 0058; 0059; 0060, (2017/08/28)

The invention relates to a preparation method of alpha-amino triethoxysilane. The method comprises the following steps: (1) dissolving sodium ethoxide in a sufficient amount of organic solvent, then uniformly dropwise adding the sodium ethoxide solution into chloromethyl trichlorosilane, allowing the raw materials to react for a period of time at normal temperature after the dropwise addition is completed, carrying out normal pressure distillation to remove ethanol and insoluble substances to obtain chloromethyl triethoxysilane; (2) heating organic amine under the protection of nitrogen until boiling, and then dropwise adding the chloromethyl triethoxysilane prepared in the step (1), allowing the raw materials to react for 1-8 hours at the temperature of 70-200 DEG C after the dropwise addition is completed; filtering the reactant to remove the generated salt after the reaction is ended, distilling at normal pressure to remove the low-boiling-point substance, and then collecting the product at a proper boiling point under reduced pressure distillation, so that the alpha-amino triethoxysilane is obtained. According to the invention, no additional acid absorbent needs to be added, organic solvent is not added, so that the subsequent separation is simple, and the generation of by-products such as polysubstituted compounds of organic amines is less, the utilization rate of the amine is relatively high, and the side reaction of the reaction system is easy to control; the product purity can reach more than 95%, and the yield is over 40%.

Diethyl amino methyl triethoxy silane Upstream and downstream

15180-47-9 Upstream product

  • 64-17-5


  • 1558-25-4


  • 109-89-7


  • 15267-95-5


15180-47-9 Downstream Products

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