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Obtained ISO9001:2015 Quality System Certification and standardized GMP workshops

Our company is committed to precise production processes, strict quality management, and implementing quality management standards throughout the entire process, ensuring that products meet customer satisfaction standards.

Rigorous quality control has made our products popular both domestically and internationally. Product quality certification has profound significance for further enhancing the image and brand of the chemical industry. Our goal is to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the quality of our products.


Obtained product quality certification from
third-party organizations such as SGS;

Safety Production

Strict implementation of risk assessment and management.
continuous improvement of safety, fire protection, and occupational health issues within factories and laboratories.
Management supervises the safety operation procedures of all production lines, promptly eliminating unsafe factors to ensure safety production.

Environmental Protection

Comprehensive environmental management by all employees to improve and protect the environment.
implementation of scientific management, prevention-oriented, safety-first sustainable development policies; protecting the life, health, and safety of all employees, maintaining regional ecological environments, and ensuring the safety, environmental, and health management goals of the company itself and relevant parties.

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