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Quality Center

Modern factory, advanced production equipment and instrumentation,Professional logistics warehousing facilities.

Product certification

Our goal is to recognize the quality of our products by users at home and abroad.

Our company is committed to fine production process, strict quality management continually,
and implement quality management standards throughout the entire process, so that the high quality of products
is formed in the production process of products. The products have been sold well in dozens of countries and regions at home and abroad
and laid a solid foundation. Product certification has far-reaching significance for further enhancing
the company's image and brand in the professional field, and it is also conducive to the expansion of the international market.
Our goal is to recognize the quality of our products by users at home and abroad.

Quality inspection center

  • professionally
  • high-quality
  • Reliably

The quality control center is equipped with professionally trained technicians, precision instruments, high-quality testing reagents and advanced
procedures to ensure the reliability of the test data. The company has established a quality control system that is in line with international standards. The
product implementation standards are higher than the national statutory standards, and the introduction of international
leading testing instruments and testing technologies to ensure product quality and ensure user satisfaction.

Safe production

Implement risk assessment and management.

Discuss and continuously improve the conditions within the plant for issues such as safety, fire protection, and occupational health in the plant.

Supervise and inspect the safety operation procedures of each production line and eliminate unsafe factors in time.

Environmental protection

Improve the environment, protect health; scientific management, sustainable development, safety first, prevention-oriented; all staff, comprehensive management.

In order to control the risks and hazards in the production and operation activities and service processes, to achieve safe production, protect the life and health of all employees, property safety, maintain the ecological environment of the region, and ensure the safety, environmental and health management objectives of the company itself and related parties.

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