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CasNo: 1306-06-5 Purity: Particle size: 5 - 10μm Molecular Structure: Ca5HO13P3

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Hydroxyapatite Basic Product Information

Product Name Hydroxyapatite CAS 1306-06-5
Synonyms Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP);Mono Calcium Phosphate(MCP);Hy-Apatite;Tri-Tab;Hyaluronic acid(HA);Apaceram;Interpore 500;Interpore 200;Supertite 10;HAP-B;Monite; Molecular Formula Ca5.(OH).(PO4)3
EINECS Number 215-145-7 Molecular Structure
Appearance Light Yellow Powder
Purity Particle size: 5 - 10μm
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Hydroxyapatite Quality documents

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storage condition

Store in cool & dry place,Keep away from strong light and heat

Hydroxyapatite Application

Hydroxyapatite literature

Hydroxyapatite Upstream and downstream

1306-06-5 Upstream product

1306-06-5 Downstream Products

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