Another name:5-heptyl-benzene-1,3-diol; 5-n-heptyl resorcinol; sphaerophorol;

CasNo: 500-67-4 Purity: ≥98% Molecular Structure: C13H20O2

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5-Heptylresorcinol Basic Product Information

Product Name 5-Heptylresorcinol CAS 500-67-4
Synonyms 5-heptyl-benzene-1,3-diol;
5-n-heptyl resorcinol;
Molecular Formula C13H20O2
EINECS Number 207-909-3 Molecular Structure
Appearance Light yellow to Off-white solid
Purity ≥98%
Supply Ability 500kg Per Month

5-Heptylresorcinol Appearance/Package/Shipping/Storage



25kg/Cardboard Drum

Storage condition

Cool, dry, and enclosed place.

5-Heptylresorcinol Application

Chemical industry, pharmaceutical intermediates, lubricants and additives, surfactants, advanced cosmetics and personal care products.


5-Heptylresorcinol literature

Phenolic glycosides from the filamentous fungus Acremonium sp. BCC 14080

Bunyapaiboonsri, Taridaporn,Yoiprommarat, Seangaroon,Khonsanit, Artit,Komwijit, Somjit

, p. 891 - 894 (2008)

New phenolic mono- and digalactopyranosides (1 and 2), their aglycone KS-501a (3), and a new phenolic 4-O-methylglucopyranoside (4) were isolated from the filamentous fungus Acremonium sp. BCC 14080. Structures of these compounds were elucidated by extensive MS and NMR spectroscopic analyses. Compound 1 displayed anti-HSV-1 activity with an IC50 value of 7.2 μM. Compound 3 exhibited activity against Plasmodium falciparum K1 with an IC 50 value of 9.9 μM.

Using (+)-carvone to access novel derivatives of (+)-ent-cannabidiol: The first asymmetric syntheses of (+)-ent-CBDP and (+)-ent-CBDV

Golliher, Alexandra E.,Tenorio, Antonio J.,Dimauro, Nina O.,Mairata, Nicolas R.,Holguin, F. Omar,Maio, William

supporting information, (2021/02/20)

(?)-Cannabidiol [(?)-CBD] has recently gained prominence as a treatment for neuro-inflammation and other neurodegenerative disorders; interest is also developing in its synthetic enantiomer, (+)-CBD, which has a higher affinity to CB1/CB2 receptors than the natural stereoisomer. We have developed an inexpensive, stereoselective route to access ent-CBD derivatives using (+)-carvone as a starting material. In addition to (+)-CBD, we report the first syntheses of (+)-cannabidivarin, (+)-cannabidiphorol as well as C-6/C-8 homologues.

Cannabidiol derivative as well as preparation method and medical application thereof


Paragraph 0298; 0301; 0308-0313, (2021/07/10)

The invention relates to a cannabidiol derivative and application thereof in medicine, in particular to a pyrimidine derivative as shown in a general formula (I), or a stereoisomer, a solvate, a metabolite, a prodrug, a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or a co-crystal thereof, and definition of each substituent in the general formula (I) is the same as that in the specification.

Alkylresorcylic acid synthesis by type III polyketide synthases from rice Oryza sativa

Matsuzawa, Miku,Katsuyama, Yohei,Funa, Nobutaka,Horinouchi, Sueharu

experimental part, p. 1059 - 1067 (2011/03/20)

Alkylresorcinols, produced by various plants, bacteria, and fungi, are bioactive compounds possessing beneficial activities for human health, such as anti-cancer activity. In rice, they accumulate in seedlings, contributing to protection against fungi. Alkylresorcylic acids, which are carboxylated forms of alkylresorcinols, are unstable compounds and decarboxylate readily to yield alkylresorcinols. Genome mining of the rice Oryza sativa identified two type III polyketide synthases, named ARAS1 (alkylresorcylic acid synthase) and ARAS2, that catalyze the formation of alkylresorcylic acids. Both enzymes condensed fatty acyl-CoAs with three C2 units from malonyl-CoA and cyclized the resulting tetraketide intermediates via intramolecular C-2 to C-7 aldol condensation. The alkylresorcylic acids thus produced were released from the enzyme and decarboxylated non-enzymatically to yield alkylresorcinols. This is the first report on a plant type III polyketide synthase that produces tetraketide alkylresorcylic acids as major products.

5-Heptylresorcinol Upstream and downstream

500-67-4 Upstream product

  • 6121-64-8

    5-n-heptyl resorcinol dimethyl ether 

  • 529-56-6


  • 70336-35-5


  • 38862-66-7

    ethyl 2-heptyl-4,6-dihydroxybenzoate 

  • 6121-76-2

    sphaerophorolcarboxylic acid 

  • 6121-77-3

    methyl 2-heptyl-4,6-dihydroxybenzoate 

  • 137571-77-8


  • 105-50-0

    diethyl 1,3-acetonedicarboxylate 

500-67-4 Downstream Products

  • 855875-36-4


  • 83375-19-3


  • 83375-18-2


  • 124-07-2

    Octanoic acid 

  • 55824-13-0


  • 4670-14-8

    siphulin trimethyl ether 

  • 4670-13-7


  • 137571-84-7

    3'-(benzyloxy)-6'-<<5''-(1-heptyl)-3''-hydroxyphenoxy>carbonyl>-5'-(1-heptyn-1-yl)phenyl 2,3-di-O-benzyl-D-galactofuranoside 

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